Heat Treatment

In 2009 JSJ Jodeit took over the glass division of the French company EFR (former CFR). Based on decades of practical experience out of a countless number of reference plans, JSJ today is able to supply its customers with state-of-the-art glass treatment equipment and special machinery.

belt tempering

The resistance of plates, dishes, bowls, fridge-ware, washing machine glasses and car lamp covers against mechanical damages and temperature shocks can be increased by tempering on belt. First the glass articles are heated up in a tunnel oven to a defined temperature. Then by high speed convection of cold air flow the external glass surface is cooled down very fast, causing compression stresses on the outside of the glass which lead to a significant raise in mechanical stability and resistance against thermal shocks.


Spindle tempering

The decision to choose a spindle tempering process is mainly made by reason of the shape and dimensions of the articles to be treated. Articles with low stability and deep dimension like: stemware coffee and tea cups, tumblers, and similar have to be tempered on spindles to get a full tempered article with high quality.


JSJ can offer spindles tempering and decorating lines with speeds capacity up to 100 pcs/min.

annealing and decorating

JSJ lehrs are special designed taking in consideration environmental aspects, working at very low energy consumption and nearly maintenance free.