Melting test

Thanks to our laboratory investigations we are able to provide our customers with

  • All kind of melting investigations from laboratory up to production scale
  • Measurement of dynamic viscosity and specific electrical resistivity
  • Experiments on corrosion behaviour of all refractory and electrode materials in various glass melts
Technical Centre

Our development work gains fundamental advantage through our technical centre where continuous and non-continuous pilot-size melting plant are operated in order to research and verify new plant concepts, components and technologies prior to full-scale construction and commissioning.
  • Induction-heated platinum melter
  • Direct-heated platinum melter for continuous melting of max. 50 kg/d
  • Pot furnace with gas and oxy-fuel firing systems
  • Gas or electric heated pilot furnaces for continuous melting of max. 1 t/d
Additionally, JSJ carries out one-off requested melts in its special in-house plant in order to be able to market particular glass in small volumes.